Chunks of Horror

Short Horror films!

Chunks of Horror

“Chunks of Horror” is our first compilation of short films gathered from around the world from various filmakers with their own differing styles, that we are sure will bring something for everybody to enjoy!


Thou Shall not Kill

Barbara Toschi‘s short about a family that have found themselves arguing about the best way to deal with a man that has died as the result of an accident.

Nicola’s Shedim

A small child with a fear of monsters at bed-time asks her mum to check the bedroom before she can go to sleep, her mother unwittingly finds one in Lawrence Mallinson‘s short film.

Unplanned Parenthood

An expectant-mother goes to a Planned Parenthood clinic for her last check up. But everything takes a dark turn for the worse in Emil Levin’s twisted film

Ménage du Trois

A murdersome husband and wife team have had a disagreement in Saranne Bensusan‘s short Thriller, Welcome to the aftermath!

Swedish Horse Movie

Patrick Brander‘s short sees a man catching his wife cheating on him and them having to confront why it happened. Can they save their relationship and what do they do with the wife’s lover.


Lawrence Mallinson tells the story of a young filmmaker who wants to make movies, but suffers nightmares at the hands of a monster movie he makes

Kurusu Serapio

after Chris decided to end a romantic relationship for questionable reasons, hisfriends Leila and Alex try to solve the mistery of his sudden disappearance in this story of discrimination and Paraguayan folklore directed by Marcos Codas

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