Saranne Bensusan

Film director Saranne Bensusan updates her Special Effects, Art, & Set Building gallery

Saranne Bensusan, director of The Snark, our upcoming work Orpheus and Eurydice and many more, has updated the Special Effects, Art, & Set Building gallery on her website to include some of her more recent effects and prop making work. read more

Chris Wright, Orpheus and Eurydice

Richard Carter cast in the role of Hades for new Animation

Actor Richard Carter has been cast in the role of Hades, god of the underworld, in our new stop-motion animation Orpheus and Eurydice. This film is being directed by Saranne Bensusan, director of the animated Lewis Carroll film The Hunting of the Snark! read more

Crime related short films

On the lookout for your Police and Crime related shorts

In our ongoing efforts to help you earn from your work, we at From the 3rd Story Productions are wanting you to send us your Police and/or Crime related short films a new compilation. Again we aim to distribute this far and wide to all reaches of the universe and numerous VOD channels, just like Chunks of Horror. read more

short horror film compilation now avaailable on Vimeo

Chunks of Horror launched on our Vimeo channel


From the 3rd Story Productions ltd. have released their first short film compilation, this one is a collection of Horror shorts bringing together film from around the world under the title Chunks of Horror and initially, like most oftheir realeases they have made it available via their Vimeo channel, it is expected to be released to other exhibitors over the coming weeks, we’ll keep you updated of any progress

Watch it here!


Saranne Bensusan kicked off latest Director Showreel Day today, post your work too!

Film director Saranne Bensusan kicked off the latest DirectorShowreelDay this morning when she posted her latest short, a mobile-friendly version of Lavenders Blue! The event has become a regular opportunity for crew and those behind the canmera to show of their talents, just by sharing their work with the hashtag #DirectorShowreelDay

Dominic, Dotty, Beech

Anthropocene Chronicles Movie gets a Title as development progresses

The Feature Film Project based on the work of the Anthropocene Chronicles now has a title and is being produced as the writers have set to work. The movie is to be called Dissonance, and is currently being written by Saranne Bensusan writer Scheduled, Rachael Howard of Memories and Nick Jackson writer of The Colour of Roses read more

plan your Festival year with From the 3rd Story Productions ltd.

The Importance of Festivals

Festivals are an important component to gaining credibility in your work, whether it’s to brag that your film has been selected for X number of festivals, or a dream of winning an Oscar (a bit more work.)

Film Festivals offer avenues to low budget and independent filmmakers that we should not ignore and should consider when planning a film:

    1. ) they offer exposure to cast/crew, as the chance of you getting a meaningful theatrical distribution are likely against you. The actor may even pick up an award along the way, which could make working on your project worth their while especially if they have been asked to work unpaid,
    2. ) some funding bodies will look at your previous festival selections/successes as a criterion when assessing applications;
    3. read more

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