Following Survey Distribution site readying itself for first element to be tested!

Some time ago, we ran a small survey on User Functionality,

and have now started creating a site, we have crafted user registration/login systems and a title submission page, though not yet decided on how to manage media, please take an opportunity to go and test it out,  see if it is in line with that you’d expect from such a system, primarily the data entry form. Go to and please send us your feedback! read more

Crime related short films

On the lookout for your Police and Crime related shorts

In our ongoing efforts to help you earn from your work, we at From the 3rd Story Productions are wanting you to send us your Police and/or Crime related short films a new compilation. Again we aim to distribute this far and wide to all reaches of the universe and numerous VOD channels, just like Chunks of Horror. read more

We want your Sci-fi shorts

Call for Sci-Fi shorts

Today we are putting a call out for Science fiction related short films for a new collection which is being compiled. We intend to distribute this the same wide distribution as Chunks of Horror, which is still making its way on to new platforms, whilst we search for even more eopportunities for these filmto generate income via Video on Demand.

if you have a short to send us then please get in touch with a link to a screener,  via the contact page.

pie chart 300x225 - Call for Sci-Fi shorts
See slideshow on Short film distribution


FromThe3rdStory Distribution

Film distribution Portal in development

At From the 3rd Story Productions, we have for a number of years been working hard to help many of you get your work out onto the small screens of the world so that you can start to earn a something from it, those of you that have been with us for a while will know that this started out as a result of us having not sold all the rights to our first movie The Hunting of the Snark, over the following years we opened this work up to other filmmakers wanting to get their work earning for them.

The latest step in this adventure is our online submissions and management portal, FromThe3rdStoryFilms, for which development is in full swing.

Don’t be put off, we are in the meantime still taking titles the old-fashioned way, until it is up and running.

's Blue, Official Selection

Lavender’s Blue selected for SpookyFest in CanalTown

following last year’s selection of Ménage du Trois, Saranne Bensusan‘s latest short, Lavender’s Blue  has been selected for the annual SpookyFest in CanalTown, which this year takes place on October 19th.


Lavender’sBlue was co-written by Saranne Bensusan and Rachael Howard and stars Stine Olsen and Natalie Sloth Richter

Learn more here.

Alexander Jallow to voice King Hades in the Animation Orpheus and Eurydice

Alexander Jallow - Alexander Jallow to voice King Hades in the Animation Orpheus and Eurydice

Alexander Jallow to voice King Hades

Alexander Jallow, an actor and Model, who splits his time between The UK and LA will be providing the voice of King Hades for the Stop-motion animation Orpheus and Eurydice. The film is Saranne Bensusan‘s first animation since The Hunting of the Snark and her first horror since Ménage du Trois and the first time that she has merged the two genres.

Saranne Bensusan

Film director Saranne Bensusan updates her Special Effects, Art, & Set Building gallery

Saranne Bensusan, director of The Snark, our upcoming work Orpheus and Eurydice and many more, has updated the Special Effects, Art, & Set Building gallery on her website to include some of her more recent effects and prop making work.

Saranne’s films have won many awards  and Saranne has earned nominations for her effects work.




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