Chunks of Horror

Chunks of Horror withdrawn from Amazon Japan due to censorship issues

We have spent much of the past month working on releasing Chunks of Horror on Amazon Prime in Japan, only to be hit with a series of problems day in day out. most of these problems related to  the artwork, and we have been prepared to created new artwork for specific titles where there have been unhappy about its graphic content until now. They have now decided that an episode violates their “Region-Specific Restrictions.” We cut cut this episode and deny horror fans in Japan what those in the rest of the world get to watch.

We at From the 3rd Story Productions are not prepared to start censoring a creator’s vision to get a title onto this platform. if you wish to see Chunks of Horror you can do so on on Vimeo (using one of the many compatible devices listed here) or on one of the other platforms which have made the title available.

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