Crime related short films

On the lookout for your Police and Crime related shorts

In our ongoing efforts to help you earn from your work, we at From the 3rd Story Productions are wanting you to send us your Police and/or Crime related short films a new compilation. Again we aim to distribute this far and wide to all reaches of the universe and numerous VOD channels, just like Chunks of Horror. read more

Where can I rent or buy the Hunting of the Snark

Rent of Buy the Hunting of the Snark in your locale with this easy guide

Wondering where you can watch the Hunting of the Snark? We try to make it as easy as possible visit to find a list of options and formats for your territory.

Saranne Bensusan‘s award-winning animation, based on Lewis Carroll’s final poem, is now available to stream on multiple platforms across the world, as well as to buy on DVD.

Watch the Snark free on Prime

The Hunting of the Snark is now on Amazon Prime in the UK

Our multi-award winning stop-MOTION animation, The Hunting of the Snark, is now available to watch for free on Amazon for Prime Subscribers! 

The film finished post production in April 2015, and went to the Marché du Film at the Cannes Film Festival in May 2015, where it was well received. Since then, it has made the official selection of 10 international film festivals, including three comic cons, and has also been selected for Toronto Film Week in September 2016, which runs alongside the Toronto Film Festival. It has also picked up six awards during its time on the festival circuit.  read more

PAC Video

PAC Video from From the 3rd Story Productions

This video was made by the Power & Control Group, who are a group of people that act as the voice of people with learning disabilities in Islington. This group is commissioned by Islington as part of the Consultation Services contract, which focuses on user & carer feedback of issues and learning disabilities services in the borough. Edited by Saranne Bensusan.


Outward Customer Conference October 2014

In October 2014, Outward hosted their Customer Conference at Tottenham Town Hall in north London to give customers an opportunity to say what they liked about the services provided by Outward and what they could do better.

We went along and filmed the day and interviewed customers and staff about their experiences and their involvement in shaping services.
DOP and Editor: Saranne Bensusan
Sound Recordist: Hugh Griffiths
Camera Assistant and Photography: Lawrence Mallinson

We hope you enjoy the video. For more information about the services provided by Outward, please visit

Outward Customer Conference October 2014 from From the 3rd Story Productions on Vimeo.

Tags: Outward, From the 3rd Story Productions, Conference, Customer and

Feedback read more

Outward Turns 40

In 2015 Outward celebrates its 40th birthday.

It was way back in 1975 that Outward first started supporting people with learning disabilities to move out of large institutions, like Leytonstone House Hospital, and into their own homes; living in the community and ‘out of the wards’. Outward now support over 1,000 people in ten London boroughs.

To mark their 40th anniversary, we have put together a special video that looks back on their journey over four decades.

Camera, Sound and Editing: Saranne Bensusan
Voice Overs: Peter Little, Saranne Bensusan

Outward Turns 40 from From the 3rd Story Productions on Vimeo.

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