The Hunting of the Snark, I am Cursed

Snark and Cursed leave SciFi Go

Snark and Cursed leave SciFi Go

We regret to inform you that the agreement that was in place to allow these titles to stream both Saranne Bensusan‘s Hunting of the Snark, and Shiraz Khan‘s I am Cursed for you to watch on SciFi Go has now come to an end, though there are plenty of other places that you can can watch  these films, see the links below

I am Cursed

Download I am Cursed from Amazon now

If you have been lucky enough have bought Shiraz Khan‘s  psychological thriller I am Cursed from Amazon on VOD, we highly recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity to download it now as we are making some changes to our Amazon distribution titles and the existing listing may disappear in the near future. read more

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