Subtitles for festivals to download for From the 3rd Story Productions films

Download Subtitles for festivals and short films

Lavenders Wide - Download Subtitles for festivals and short films
Various subtitle files available for Lavenders Blue
Like the other Short films that we have available, Subtitles for Lavenders Blue are now available for festivals to download
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Subtitles for festivals or VOD distribution.
Why should I subtitle my film and how do I go about doing it?
Once your film is finished, Subtitles are an important element of preparing it to be seen, being it at festivals,
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Ménage du Trois selected for Carmathern Bay Film Festival
Subtitles available in English,French,German,Spanish,Swedish Ménage du Trois
Festivals are able to download subtitles for our latest film Ménage du Trois in English, French, German and Spanish and
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subtitles available for festivvals and screenings of 'Cops v Freak'
Subtitles available for Cops v. Freak
we have SRT fromatted subtitles available for the short film Cops v. Freak, which features  Ménage du Trois star Mark
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sort files for the short video of 'I put my Heart into this Film'
Subtitles for My I put my Heart into this Film short
We now have subtitles available for this short in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish Download
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subtitles for Nicola's Sheidim
Subtitles available for Nicola’s Shedim
We have made available the subtitles for Nicola’s Shedim as SRT files, they are available in English, Italian and Spanish.  
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award-winning Mano a Mono now has subtitles available
Subtitles available for Mano a Mono
SRT’s can now be downloaded for Mano a Mono in English, Italian and Spanish   Download
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Subtitles in English and Spanish for Emily's Journey
English and Spanish Subtitles available for Emily’s Journey
as part of our Festival submission strategy, we have made subtitles available for all of our short films via our
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