Film Distribution

I am Cursed now on Prime in Japan
Shiraz Khan‘s Thriller I am Cursed, is now available from Amazon in Japan, free to Prime subscribers
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Where can I rent or buy the Hunting of the Snark
The Snark can now be found in Germany at Kinoflimmern
The Hunting of the Snark is now now available from the German distributor Kinofimmern through their VOD platform.
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The Hunting of the Snark
Borrow the Snark from your Library courtesy of Hoopla
The Hunting of the Snark can now be borrowed from public  libraries in the mid-west thanks to hoopla!    
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I am Cursed on VOD
I am cursed, now available on Distrify
Shiraz Khan's movie 'I am cursed' is now available on VOD from Distrify as well as on other VOD platforms
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Snark on Amazon Prime North America
The Hunting of the Snark available on Amazon in US and Canada
Saranne Bensusan‘s award-winning stop-motion animation The Hunting of the Snark is available via Amazon in North America on both VOD and
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I am cursed on indiehome
I am cursed now available to watch on IndiehomeTV
Shiraz Khan‘s  feature thriller I am Cursed is now available to rent on indiehomeTV,  after having already been released on Amazon
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Cursed available on Amazon
‘I am Cursed’ now available on Amazon (including Prime)
Shiraz Khan's 'I am Cursed' is available on Amazon, with no charge for Prime members, otherwise the film can be
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