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The Importance of Festivals

Festivals are an important component to gaining credibility in your work, whether it’s to brag that your film has been selected for X number of festivals, or a dream of winning an Oscar (a bit more work.)

Film Festivals offer avenues to low budget and independent filmmakers that we should not ignore and should consider when planning a film:

    1. ) they offer exposure to cast/crew, as the chance of you getting a meaningful theatrical distribution are likely against you. The actor may even pick up an award along the way, which could make working on your project worth their while especially if they have been asked to work unpaid,
    2. ) some funding bodies will look at your previous festival selections/successes as a criterion when assessing applications;

Having realised the importance of this, From the 3rd Story Productions can help you with timetabling your film festival submissions throughout the year, so that we can make the most of your film.

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