Anthropocene Chroicles Part I

Read The Anthropocene Chronicles free courtesy of Groupon

The nice guys at Amazon are currently running an offer for sixty day free access to kindle unlimited, which should be more than adequate time to allow you to read The Anthropocene Chronicles, the anthology of short stories that we recently published with contributions from Saranne Bensusan,Carman Radtke, and Emma Pullar in Part I. Part II will be published later this year with tales from Rachel Howard, Nick Jackson and Fiona Leitch.

The Groupon offer can be found here:

If you don’t have a kindle reading app, then you can get one here


One Comment on Read The Anthropocene Chronicles free courtesy of Groupon

  1. Unfortunately this title is no longer available on Kindle Unlimited, since we were insistant on not restricting the book to kindle readers (they require exclusivity!)
    The book is also available on Kobo, as well as from other retailers and lending services including:
    Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and Smashword (who can provide you with a platform independent epub) to name a few.

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