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Nicola’s Shedim selected for Canada Kids Festival

Published / by Lawrence

The micro-short Nicola’s Shedim, starring Leila Kotori, which was produced and shot by Saranne Bensusan has been selected for the Canada Kids International Film Festival, which takes place in Toronto between the 21st and the 24th of September.



September’s Festival Dates

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As we approach the end of the calendar year, festival deadlines start to become fewer and fewer being replaced by actual festivals, here’s my pick for September.

30/08 -09/09 Venice (BAFTA) (Festival)

01 Morbido Film Fest (Melies) (Deadline)

04 Sleepwalkers (BAFTA,Oscar) (Deadline)

07-17  Toronto (BAFTA)(Festival)

14-24 Helsinki International Film Festival (Festival)

15 Horror on Sea (Deadline)

18  Trieste Science+Fiction Festival (Melies) (Deadline)


Ménage du Trois selected for Tenebra Film Fest

Published / by Lawrence / 1 Comment on Ménage du Trois selected for Tenebra Film Fest

Saranne Bensusan‘s short film Ménage du Trois has been selected  for the Tenebra Film Fest in Guadalajara which runs from the 13th to the 28th of October. This follows the selection of Nicola’s Shedim at last year’s festival.




August Festival Dates

Published / by Lawrence

1st ScreamFest (Melies) – Deadline

1st Palm Springs International Film festival (Oscar) -Deadline

1st Leuven (Oscar) – Deadline

1st Wales International Film Festival -Deadline

2nd -12th LOCARNO FILM FESTIVAL -Festival

3rd – 20th MELBOURNE IFF – Festival

7th –Sundance – (BAFTA,Oscar) Early Deadline – (Shorts)

30th -09/9 LA BIENNALE DI VENEZIA – VENICE FF – (BAFTA,Oscar) Festival

31st Raindance Film Festival – Notifications

Festival event dates and deadlines approaching in July

Published / by Lawrence

A brief guide to upcoming submission deadline and festival dates for July 2017

06 Hot Springs (deadline) (Oscar)



13-23 JERUSALEM FF (festival)

14-22 ODESSA IFF (festival)

15 Zinebi (deadline) (Oscar,BAFTA)

15 Cork Film Festival (deadline)(Oscar,BAFTA)

14 -03/08 FANTASIA IFF (festival)

20 CurtaCinema (deadline) (Oscar,BAFTA)

22-28 EURASIA IFF (festival)

30 Cambridge Film Festival (late deadline) (BAFTA)

31 Sitges (deadline) (Oscar)




upcoming festivals and Ménage DVD

Published / by Lawrence

Whilst continuing our efforts to gain maximum festival exposure for everybody who worked hard on Ménage du Trois, we came across an old friend at Dorking, who screened Nicola’s Shedim during their second year. They are now taking submissions for their third festival (all DVD submissions are free). This gave us the opportunity to create a DVD disc which we had not got around to doing yet.

For all of you hard working filmmakers, here are some other upcoming festivals for June (don’t worry – Dorking‘s deadline is in November!)

1st Abertoir (BAFTA Cymru,Melies) (earlybird deadline)

2nd  Raindance (BAFTA,Oscar) (final deadline)

2nd Holly Shorts (Oscar) (final deadline)

6th-12th Hamburg Short Film Festival (BAFTA) (festival)

7th-18th Sidney Film Festival (BAFTA,Oscar) (festival)

9th Festival Internacional de Cine Indepente de Elche (Goya)

19th-14th Sheffield Doc Fest (BAFTA) (festival)

9th-29th Moscow IFF (festival)

12th-17th Annecy International Animation Film Festival and Market (Oscar) (festival)

14th-18th AFI Docs (BAFTA,Oscar) (festival)

16th Chicago International Film Festival (BAFTA,Oscar) (deadline)

17th-26th Shanghai IFF (festival)

18th Tarazona (Goya) (deadline)

20th-26th Palm Springs Short Film Festival (BAFTA,Oscar)

21st-02/07 Edinburgh International Film Festival (BAFTA)

24th Cork Film Festival (BAFTA,Oscar)(deadline)

26th Edinburgh Short Film Festival (deadline)

30th LA Shorts Fest (BAFTA,Oscar) (deadline)

30th TOHorror Film Fest (deadline)

30 Stockholm (BAFTA)(festival)

30th-08/07 Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (deadline)

30th-08/07 Neuchatel International Fantastic Film Festival (Melies)(festival)

30th-09/07 Fantastic Zagreb (festival)




Ménage Premiere and other significant festival dates in May

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May is here, and as well the Premiere of Ménage du Trois at the Carmarthern Bay Film Festival on the tenth, May also sees several other important festivals and festival dates this month

Colcoa (festival) ends 2nd

Mar del Plata (submissions open) 2nd

Toronto International Film Festival (deadline) 5th

Jeonju (festival) ends the 6th

Bucheon Fantastic Film Festival (deadline) 8th

Carmarthern Bay (festival) 8th-12th

British Animation Film Festival (late deadline) 15th

Cannes (festival) 17th-28th

Tallinn Black Nights (deadline) 17th

Seattle (festival) 18th

Raindance (regular deadline) 19th

Encounters (deadline) 23rd

British Horror Film Festival (deadline) 26th

London (deadline) 27th

Krakow (festival) 28th

Oaxaca (final deadline) 31st

Message to Man (deadline) 31st

This isn’t a  list of festivals that Ménage du Trois is entered into, just a list of significant festivals with dates in May, for informational purposes





Subtitles available in English,French,German,Spanish,Swedish Ménage du Trois

Published / by Lawrence

Festivals are able to download subtitles for our latest film Ménage du Trois in English, French, German and Spanish and Italian as SRT files from us. These subtitles are all available on Vimeo and on Festival submissions made  via FilmFreeway and Festhome(which should allow you to access the Vimeo captions as well as through festhome‘s own subtitling system.)

Subtitles for festivals to download for From the 3rd Story Productions films