Ménage du Trois

Ménage du Trois selected for Dorking Film Festival

Saranne Bensusan‘s short film, Ménage du Trois, has been selected for the Dorking Film Festival which takes place on the twenty-fourth of March at Dorking Halls.  This will be the second year running that From the 3rd Story Productions have been represented at the festival, following this year’s screening of Nicola’s Shedim. read more

Nicola's Shedim make Official Selection

Ménage du Trois selected for Post Mortem fest in Aguascalientes Mexico

Saranne Bensusan’s most recent short, Ménage du Trois, has been selected for the POST MORTEM Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes de Cine de Horror y Bizarro, in Aguascalientes Mexico.

The film stars Louise Rhian Poole and Mark Preston and can currently only be seen at festivals. read more

Early October Laurels for Ménage du Trois

Selections and Award nominations for Ménage du Trois

Saranne Bensusan‘s short film Ménage du Trois has been submitted to festivals since its completion and several of those festivals have selected the film, here hare a selection of laurels that it has picked up so far. The most recent being The Maverick Movie Awards, which nominated Saranne again this year after giving her several nominations last year and a win for The Hunting of the Snark as well as nominating her short Mano a Mono. read more

Disc for Saranne Bensusan's Ménage du Trois

upcoming festivals and Ménage DVD

Whilst continuing our efforts to gain maximum festival exposure for everybody who worked hard on Ménage du Trois, we came across an old friend at Dorking, who screened Nicola’s Shedim during their second year. They are now taking submissions for their third festival (all DVD submissions are free). This gave us the opportunity to create a DVD disc which we had not got around to doing yet. read more

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