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Video review of Unplanned Parenthood

Non-artistic data relating to short film selections

Short Movie Club post article on non-artistic factors relating to film selection

The Short Movie club have created a very interesting article  on the non-artistic factors that may affert your short film when you select it to a festival, everything from your genre to the festival’s standing has been broken down and it could guide when planning your next short. read more

Screening of Jack Southeast

Trip to Borehamwood to support an independent film project

over the weekend, Lawrence took a trip to Borehamwood, to lend his support to an independent film, Jack Southeast, which was getting its first UK screening

Michael Chapman’s film Jack SouthEast, which is currently out on the festival circuit at the moment, and star Ménage du Trois‘s Mark Preston along with Penny Judd and Michael himself. The three of them previous appeared together in Sonia Mason‘s Cop v. Freak, which was shot by Saranne Bensusan read more

Sell your short film

Short film distribution possibilities

From the 3rd Story Productions have been drawing up plans to distribute short films in addition to features, have you ever wondered what you are going to do with that short film that you just shot, the returns from YouTube ads are negligable and that is even if you meet their new strict requirements for monetising your account. read more


Saranne Bensusan kicked off latest Director Showreel Day today, post your work too!

Film director Saranne Bensusan kicked off the latest DirectorShowreelDay this morning when she posted her latest short, a mobile-friendly version of Lavenders Blue! The event has become a regular opportunity for crew and those behind the canmera to show of their talents, just by sharing their work with the hashtag #DirectorShowreelDay read more

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