Download Subtitles for festivals and short films

This page has download links to subtitles for many of our short films in multiple languages.

Subtitles in English and Spanish for Emily's Journey


Emily’s Journey


All .srt files for Emily’s Journey (English and Spanish)


srt files for 'Mano a Mono'

Mano a Mono


All . srt files for Mano a Mono (English, Italian, Spanish)




subtitles for Nicola's Sheidim

Nicola’s Shedim

All .srt files for Nicola’s Shedim (English, Italian, Spanish)







sort files for the short video of 'I put my Heart into this Film'

I put my Heart into this Film

All .srt files for ‘I put my Heart into this Film’ (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)





subtitles available for festivvals and screenings of 'Cops v Freak'

Cops v. Freak

All .srt files for ‘Cops v Freak’ (English and Spanish)