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Snark Wins best Animated Feature at California Online Viewers Choice Awards

Published / by Lawrence

We learned today that among the many awards that The Hunting of the Snark has won over the last eighteen months, was the Best Animated Narrative Feature at the California Online Viewers Choice Awards. we can only apologise for not recognising this award sooner, it has been a very busy year for the Snark,however we would like to say that we are very please with with the decision and would like to thank all those that voted for it.

California Viewers Choice Awards

Use this link to watch the Snark in your territory: stream.thehuntingofthesnark.co.uk

Just the place for a Snark!

Published / by Lawrence

With half-term approaching in the coming weeks, From the 3rd Story Productions ltd. has decided to lower both its Rental and purchase prices of The Hunting of the Snark across all digital formats outside North America. For the USA and Canada click here

The film is also available on a PAL DVD