Ménage du Trois scores first festival selection at BAFTA qualifying Carmarthern Bay

Published / by Lawrence

Saranne Bensusan‘s latest short Ménage du Trois has got its first festival selection at this year’s Carmarthern Bay Film Festival which makes it eligible for BAFTA Cymru! This follows hot on the heels of Mano a Mono, which was selected at Carmarthern Bay last year, but was inelegible for BAFTA Cymru submission.  Submissions at BAFTA have now opened so we’ll keep you posted!


Allow From the 3rd Story Productions to Distribute your Movie for you

Published / by Lawrence

At From the 3rd Story Productions ltd., we have been working, since the release of Saranne Bensusan‘s movie, The Hunting of the Snark, trying to  make independent film accessible to the public, which is becoming ever harder and harder with the closing of high street retail opportunities, and with theatrical releases now being limited to a few major studios who are then going on to make exclusive deals with VOD distributors to exhibit their content, you may wonder where your film will ever get seen?

For a percentage work with multiple stream platforms to get films on to as many screens as possible as and try and earn your film more money, so we don’t earn unless you do! Have a look at our slideshow without any upfront cost to you.

So don’t leave your film to stagnate on your hard-drive. Let us put it to work!

Distribution Slideshow by From the 3rd Story Productions ltd.
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