I am Cursed – a horror film from Shiraz Khan

From the 3rd story Productions ltd. are delighted to be distributing Shiraz Khan’s movie I am Cursed, which has already had success at several festivals

The film is currently available on these formats
I am Cursed now on Prime in Japan
Shiraz Khan‘s Thriller I am Cursed, is now available from Amazon in Japan, free to Prime subscribers
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I am Cursed on VOD
I am cursed, now available on Distrify
Shiraz Khan's movie 'I am cursed' is now available on VOD from Distrify as well as on other VOD platforms
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I am cursed on indiehome
I am cursed now available to watch on IndiehomeTV
Shiraz Khan‘s  feature thriller I am Cursed is now available to rent on indiehomeTV,  after having already been released on Amazon
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