So since this post, Mar del Plata (South America’s only …

Comment on Ménage Premiere and other significant festival dates in May by Lawrence.

So since this post, Mar del Plata (South America’s only category “A” festival) has now opened for submissions, you can submit here. This festival does not accept shorts from outside Latin America.

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The Hunting of the Snark is now on Amazon Prime in the UK
Professor Marshmallow didn’t go ahead and we have since made other shorts including Ménage du Trois and our next project will be The Anthropocene Chronicles

Ménage du Trois starts Film Festival Submissions with Cannes
Unfortunately we did learn that in late March, that the film had not made the selection at Cannes, but this bad news was soon followed by the news that the film had earned its first festival selection at Carmarthern Bay International Film Festival, a BAFTA Cymru qualifying festival, in May, which we hope to take full advantage of on behalf of our Welsh leading lady Louise Rhian Poole