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Keep up with us on your favourite social media platform

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From The 3rd Story Productions like to keep you informed via social media, and we’re sure that many of you use it, so why not keep up with us on your favourite social medial platform.
This is usually the first place that we’ll announce new projects, cast or crew openings, new releases or keep you up to date with the progress of an ongoing project.

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Just the place for a Snark!

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With half-term approaching in the coming weeks, From the 3rd Story Productions ltd. has decided to lower both its Rental and purchase prices of The Hunting of the Snark across all digital formats outside North America. For the USA and Canada click here

The film is also available on a PAL DVD

PAC Video

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PAC Video from From the 3rd Story Productions

This video was made by the Power & Control Group, who are a group of people that act as the voice of people with learning disabilities in Islington. This group is commissioned by Islington as part of the Consultation Services contract, which focuses on user & carer feedback of issues and learning disabilities services in the borough. Edited by Saranne Bensusan.