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Welcome to From the 3rd Story Productions ltd.

award-winning production company and post-production services provider

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Subtitles for festivals to download for From the 3rd Story Productions films

Portuguese added to Mano a Mono srt file pack

Inn our ongoing mission to make our films as accessible as possible, we have today added Portuguese subtitles to Mano a Mono. These are also available on the Vimeo and YouTube streams of the film, both have a “CC” button on the video timeline subtitles page      

subtitles for Nicola's Sheidim

Nicola’s Shedim selected for Dead in Decateur

The micro-short Nicola’s Shedim has been selected for the Dead in Decateur film festival  in Illinois in the middle of October. The film which was produced by Saranne Bensusan from a her screenplay.

Canad Kids International Film Festival

Nicola’s Shedim selected for Canada Kids Festival

The micro-short Nicola’s Shedim, starring Leila Kotori, which was produced and shot by Saranne Bensusan has been selected for the Canada Kids International Film Festival, which takes place in Toronto between the 21st and the 24th of September,

Anthropocene Chroicles Part I

Read The Anthropocene Chronicles free courtesy of Groupon

The nice guys at Amazon are currently running an offer for sixty day free access to kindle unlimited, which should be more than adequate time to allow you to read The Anthropocene Chronicles, the anthology of short stories that we recently published with contributions from Saranne Bensusan,Carman Radtke, and Emma Pullar in Part I. Part […]

Some notable Festival dates

September’s Festival Dates

As we approach the end of the calendar year, festival deadlines start to become fewer and fewer being replaced by actual festivals, here’s my pick for September. 30/08 -09/09 Venice (BAFTA) (Festival) 01 Morbido Film Fest (Melies) (Deadline) 04 Sleepwalkers (BAFTA,Oscar) (Deadline) 07-17  Toronto (BAFTA)(Festival) 14-24 Helsinki International Film Festival (Festival) 15 Horror on Sea (Deadline) […]






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